Jason Bernardo is an LA-based actor born on October 25, 1977 in San Diego, CA. He spent his childhood split between the beaches of La Jolla, CA and the farm country of Medina, OH. Jason's rich life experiences from his days before he became an actor include hustling as a fine-dining sommelier, selling oceanfront real estate, and a troubled youth as an outlaw . His unique perspective and life experiences continues to fuel his authentic performances on screen and stage. His recent Film and TV credits include lead roles in The Gentle Art and Lonesome Road, as well a supporting roles in Filmaka Competition 2018 winner Snares of the Devil and the award winning short film Alina (2019). If you've watch football in the last 3 years you've definitely seen his face as the hero in a major national ad campaign. Jason splits his time between LA and NY. He is an avid surfer, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a lover of horses and a longtime advocate of Transcendental Meditation. He will be playing the lead role of Lance.