Inspired by a true story of best friends (Dayne & Lance) who mysteriously lose touch, then reunite when Dayne discovers that Lance is dying of AIDS. A journey ensues as spiritual enlightenment unfolds through sea, sand and nature, embracing acceptance of the inevitable death of his best friend and the rising of consciousness. A Long Road to Tao will encourage audiences to reach a depth of becoming water, facing fears and accepting the flow of love as love.


About the Filipino-American Director

Alex T. Carig , Director, Co-Screenwriter
Alex's work includes thirty years in the feature film industry, broadcast radio and local television. Alex's life work encompasses his ambition to find socially relevant stories that entertain, educate, and enlighten, using visual mediums to bring greater awareness to compelling topics that challenge us on a personal level. Alex is the visionary who presented A Long Road to Tao to New Mexico State University, the first of its kind to incorporate 25 film production students in all aspects of development.

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