Entertain, Enlighten, Educate

It's a new journey for all of us right now. Humanitarian stories that help us reflect on the world we live in and how to constructively and creatively relate to each other are now more important than ever.

A Long Road to Tao reflects the urgent importance of engaging the present moment in all its beauty and pain. The film highlights the powerful impact that results from a change in perspective. This uniquely told dramatic story speaks to the hearts of a diverse audience, engaging legacy fears of homophobia, showcasing the unseen and seldom understood worlds of Native American spirituality, Taoism, and the mystical teachings of Water. We envision this film as a guide into peace and compassion during these chaotic and unpredictable times. Wisdom and meaning will prevail when all humans can express their individually unique gifts in a world we now accept as imperfect.

The parallels between what is happening in this current pandemic and what happened in the late 1980s during the AIDs epidemic are undeniable. "We got the social distancing through discrimination, through stigma, through homophobia, through all those things; we got the real social distancing (NPR)" Four decades ago, no one could have imagined AIDs would kill more than 700,000 people in America and more than 32 million people worldwide.

Our goal as artists is to engage our audience in a deeper understanding of ourselves as humans and our relationship with the world we live in. The experience we offer through this film is an expansion of empathy, for our fellow humans and our shared homeland Earth.

Additionally, we want to convey the experience of harmony and connection with all-that-is through a surfer's meditative state arising from an intimate bond with the waves. Through the metaphor of surfing ocean waves, the audience experiences a spiritual journey, traveling the desert of New Mexico and the Big Sur Coast of California, deeply identifying with the pure camaraderie between friends, and crossing boundaries into places unknown.