Off The Lip Radio Show interview with Producer/Screenwriter Michael Allen

Interview with Tom Ammiano (gay activist) from San Francisco about the film's significance.

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The Book Behind the Film

A Film by Filipino-American Director Alex T. Carig


Now in Post Production - Coming Fall 2023

Inspired by a true story of best friends (Dayne & Lance) who mysteriously lose touch, then reunite when Dayne discovers that Lance is dying of AIDS. A journey ensues as spiritual enlightenment unfolds through sea, sand and nature, embracing acceptance of the inevitable death of his best friend and the rising of consciousness. A Long Road to Tao will encourage audiences to reach a depth of becoming water, facing fears and accepting the flow of love as love.

Produced by Michael Allen

Screenwriting by Michael Allen and Alex T. Carig

Teaser Trailer showing April 12th LCIFF